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This sister's Milender -- Payton and Bailey -- preform a Hula at last night's talent show in Superior.

The spaghetti was eaten, the acts were complete and when the votes were tallied everyone in attendance at the Second Annual Superior Idol Contest was a winner.

The Superior Elementary School held their annual event on Tuesday night as a fund raising project in order to purchase new equipment for the school’s playground.  Nearly 30 contestants preformed 18 different acts on the night including a dance troupe that “shook their hair back and forth” to Willow Smith’s pop hit – the performance left the audience wondering how the five girls kept from passing out – and a Hula dance to Somewhere over the Rainbow by the Millender sisters.

Before the acts took the stage, a spaghetti feed was held, feeding the masses of hungry show-goers.

Harley Avila shows the crowd that he, in fact, let the dogs out.

As the talent portion of the night of the night started each act took the stage and was rewarded by hoots and hollers from the crowd. Superior third grader Harley Avila brought the house down with his interpretation of how a dog would dance, doing so the 90’s hit Who let the Dogs Out.  Kyler Francis played a tune on the school’s piano, Madison Mask impressed all with an a ccapella rendition of a song that this journalist can’t remember the name of Kimberly Parson’s changed the pace with a heavy metal song that school principal Scott Kinney said “would give him nightmares” … but in a good way.

Faith Rebich whips her hair back and forth -- and doesn't pass out -- to open the show last night.

To end the evening all the contestants, as well as many students from the show’s crowd, took to the stage for a star-studded version of the Chicken Dance. When all was said and done, and hour and a half had passed and a delighted crowd fled the school, some wondering how the show next year could possibly top last nights.

Only time will tell.

Side note: If your child preformed last night, I’ve got at least one picture. Email me at markhebert42@gmail.com and I will get you copies ASAP and thanks for supporting Superior Elementary School.